Power Generation

Outstanding cleaning performance for the power industry.

Power generation is a demanding and highly varied sector. Tube Tech has extensive experience of providing cleaning services in power plants and power stations worldwide.

As with all our operations, the emphasis is on delivering innovative and unique solutions that meet or exceed customers’ expectations. The wealth of experience we have gained in the power sector means that we can help operators to keep their running costs low and their efficiency levels high while minimising their carbon dioxide emissions. We provide specialist cleaning and inspection services to power generation customers that include:

  • Coal-fired power stations
  • Gas-fired power stations
  • Oil-fired power stations
  • Nuclear
  • Waste-to-heat power stations
  • Diesel engine power stations

We also provide: Condenser tubes (ferrous and non-ferrous), Air-cooled condensers, Fin Fans, Radiators, High and low pressure heater U-tubes, Oil cooler tubes, Water cooler tubes, Pipes, Turbine blade, Heat recovery steam generators, Boiler tubes (internal and external) and Culverts.

The Tube Tech Difference

Our power generation customers can be certain of a fast turnaround for their cleaning operations. Highly skilled operatives trained for work in the confined spaces encountered in power plants deliver Tube Tech services. We can clean with soft or hard metal tube scrapers and customers can expect improved energy use and consequent carbon dioxide emission reductions after the clean.

The guys did a brilliant job. We have seen a massive improvement in ACC performance post clean. We need to look into a cleaning contract going forward. It would be ideal to meet and discuss. Can you visit us in later half of August?

Maintenance Team Leader


The service they provide, in my opinion, is second to none. Technically and technologically Mr Watson’s knowledge surpasses any company I have personally come into contact with that supply this kind of service.

To stay ‘ahead of the game’ Tube Tech invest well in the latest technology to be able to supply a service which, to the refiner, is more cost effective as the equipment they use is better than the competition’s at providing the desired results.

I have personally used Tube Tech over many years on long term contracts for both hands on cleaning and consultation services and find them efficient, reliable and knowledgeable.

Specialist Engineer


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