Traditional Methods Vs Robot Cleaning Technology

Robotic Cleaning

  • Remote cleaning avoids dangerous man-entry
  • The only system to penetrate deep between tube rows
  • Accesses and cleans more than 90%+ of the asset
  • Identifies blockages and damage before cleaning
  • Generates digital reports to assess results and aid future maintenance

High-pressure jetting

  • Can damage refractory
  • Achieves less than 5% surface area cleanliness
  • Does not clean in between tube rows

Sand Blasting

  • Issues with visibility
  • Poses health and safety risks e.g. silicosis

Dry ice blasting

  • Issues with access
  • Achieves less than 5% surface cleanliness
  • No access between finned rows
  • Only 300psi pressure


  • Cannot reach between banks or cover the whole surface area
  • Chemicals pose a risk to the operator and environment
  • Some chemicals compound the issue of fouling

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