Tube Tech International Ltd. and Cokebusters announce strategic alliance

We are excited to announce that Tube Tech International Ltd. has formed a strategic partnership with Cokebusters that will benefit both companies’ global client base.

As two of the world’s leading specialists in fouling removal services, the collaboration will provide a seamless end-to-end solution to refineries, sharing world-class patented cleaning and inspection technology and expertise.

Alongside UK headquarters’, both Tube Tech International Ltd. and Cokebusters have established permanent bases in Houston, Texas, and are establishing a reputation for contract mobilisation across multiple continents.

We are delighted to share the same enthusiasm for investment in research and development, pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved for our clients in the oil and gas industry.

Cokebusters is globally-renowned for its specialist internal tube mechanical decoking and ultrasonic inspection services, and we are looking forward to evolving our offering by combining this with Tube Tech International Ltd.’s expertise and developments in world-leading external fouling removal from heat exchanger tubes.

Tube Tech International Ltd. Managing Director, Jon Camp commented, “It’s great to see two British companies delivering shared innovation to a global client base. We specialise in external cleaning and Cokebusters specialises in de-coking, but our customers are the same, so it makes sense to offer unified solutions and share our expertise and services.

“Customers will also benefit from the synergy between the two companies with a similar culture and commitment to investment in innovation and driving improvements in time and cost efficiencies.”

Cokebusters Technical Director, Dr David Thewsey added, “Cokebusters has always worked hard to offer our clients around the world the best possible service, and our alliance with Tube Tech will enable us to offer refineries a truly world-leading range of solutions to reduce downtime and emissions and improve productivity and safety”.

For more information on our strategic alliance with Cokebusters or on our fouling removal services, please contact us.

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