Tube Tech’s expert water jetting service ensures International Dairy Provider avoids sour taste

Tube Tech International Ltd (TTIL) was contracted by a leading international fresh food company based in the UK.

Blockages within the condensing process were causing decreased performance.

The firm’s previous cleaning attempts had failed, despite searching for both internal and external cleaning solutions.

Using a combination of ultra high pressure (UHP) and high pressure (HP) water blasting techniques, TTIL’s industry certified technicians successfully cleaned the condenser and associated pipework and ducting.

TTIL cleared blockages without causing damage or using chemicals, delivering a cost-effective, efficient and environmentally-friendly solution. Solving industry’s toughest cleaning problems

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Tube Tech International Ltd (TTIL) was contracted by a UK-based international fresh food company experiencing blockages within the condensing process at its industrial production facility. Both internal and contracted external cleaning attempts had proved unsuccessful, leading the firm to send for the expert help of Tube Tech.

Read the full case study for more information on how our expert technical knowledge was applied to deliver results.

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