Impressive Results at German Refinery

The client: The world’s largest integrated chemical complex, based in Northern Europe

The challenge: Tube Tech were approached to deliver convection section cleaning due to a build-up of fouling. As the effectiveness of the convection bank drops, stack temperatures increase, leading to greater stack losses and greater energy consumption. Our client drives its operations through openness, transparency and good relations with its neighbourhood. This includes attention to the efficiency of its processes and environmental responsibility, so they were keen to seek a solution.

The majority of traditional cleaning methods involve the cleaning contractor manually inserting a long hollow injection lance through each access door or via a static, in-built soot blowing lance. This can only target ‘reachable’ areas, cleaning just 2% of the total surface area.

The solution: We used Tube Tech International’s robotic fired heater convection bank cleaning technology, which specifically addresses the issue of poor or limited access, encountered when attempting to remove fouling from the convection banks of fired heaters. The robot acted as a delivery vehicle for our cleaning media, providing 360-degree tube contact and near to 100% surface area coverage. We took a day to set up, five days to complete the task and a final day to derig.

Roy Van Hijfte, Tube Tech Site Manager, said: “The BASF staff who were involved with the execution of the job were very helpful. The client was impressed with the results; our equipment and resources performed an unparalleled clean, enabling our client to reap the rewards of improved efficiencies and energy savings.”

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