Another award nomination for our MD?! Surely not…

It’s true. We are excited to announce that our Managing Director Jon Camp, has been nominated yet again for a prestigious industry award. He has been shortlisted as Executive of the Year in the 2019 Hydrocarbon Processing Awards. The awards ceremony will take place on 19th September in Houston, Texas.

The nomination comes just a few weeks after Jon picked up the Director of the Year Award and the Chairman’s Award at the IoD East of England awards ceremony in Newmarket. There is now an imminent danger that all this success will go to Jon’s head, but we are working together to keep his feet firmly on the ground…

John Camp, Tube Tech MD

However, the editor of the Hydrocarbon Processing magazine is not helping matters. Lee Nichols, said editor, commented: “Hydrocarbon Processing received numerous nominations for Executive of the Year and Jon Camp was among one of the highest rated by our esteem advisory board. His innovative, effective and tireless work effort with Tube Tech International is a direct reflection on why he has been named a finalist for this prestigious award.”

Well, thanks Lee. Not.

Amongst Jon’s satisfactory achievements are introducing a mediocre marketing and communications plan, creating a HR team (who have not approved this blog post), creating a positive(ly average) company culture and building strategic alliances with global industry partners (that part is true). Jon has also overseen two successful bids for EU Horizon 2020 funding. Jon claims it is five million euros, but all our staff want are biscuits in the kitchen that aren’t Aldi’s own. Hopefully Jon can oversee that bid too!

We asked Jon for a comment (before he read this). He said:

“I am humbled to be named as one of three finalists for this award,” Camp said. “It has been an exciting journey since I joined the company, and I never anticipated the level of success that we are currently enjoying. This is undoubtedly a result of our hard-working and passionate team at Tube Tech; all credit must go to them. I am looking forward to the ceremony in September, it would be the icing on the cake to bring home the award. I want to do it for everyone associated with our company; they truly deserve it.”

Yes… we truly deserve it.

Joking aside, good luck, Jon- you’re one of a kind!

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