Cooling water system clean

Tube Tech was able to provide a comprehensive range of cleaning and inspection skills to complete the challenging work scope within timescales no other available contractor was able to match.

The work scope required a very fast response from request to mobilization. A shutdown of this magnitude would normally require two months’ planning and preparation. After an initial full site survey by Tube Tech’s team, they were requested to mobilize with immediate effect and were on our site in Nigeria within two weeks.

On commencement of the shutdown, deposition was found to be substantially worse than anticipated, however, Tube Tech was well prepared for such eventualities and responded well, attempting to utilize a range of technology. Once the work was underway, it soon became apparent that more specialized equipment was needed and again Tube Tech responded in a very short space of time.

Considering the circumstances and pressures surrounding this project, Tube Tech demonstrated a high level of willingness, innovation in completing this work. After an extended outage period technical solutions were found, the work was successfully completed and the plant was returned to full production. This is much to Tube Tech’s credit and its experienced and resourceful site workforce.

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