I would like to thank Tube Tech and your staff for the successful cleaning of the E34-003 B Condenser exchangers. Although it did seem a very hard task with little options, your innovative perseverance plus working with BP Production and Maintenance got all four exchangers cleaned to an impressive level. Please pass on my thanks to your staff, and excellent praise for your day shift who were exceptional. – Production and Maintenance Director

Letter to on-site BP engineers: – As you may already be aware we have been using Tube Tech recently, as they correctly advised, our cleaning costs went up but our other costs went down quite dramatically (gaskets, bolts, maintenance, third party costs, craneage, scaffolding, down time and costs in lost production). This is all down to their novel technology approach and the fact that we do not have to completely strip and blind off the entire exchanger. This is already showing impressive results on the FCC. – FCC Senior Plant Manager

What we do know is that the equipment downtime through your ability to clean in situ was reduced by an average of three days, and of course [there was an] additional maintenance cost saving through not having the mechanical content of the traditional pull > clean > push scenario. – Maintenance Manager

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